Nozzle Selection

Dr Nozzle offers advice on the choice of the right type and size of spray nozzle for your application.  Nozzle choice is critical to meeting your coverage and drift control needs as well as ensuring that you comply with regulatory requirements.

Ring us on (08) 8262 9676 to discuss your needs.  For broadacre boomsprays, know your nozzle spacing, flow rate (L/Ha), pump pressure and ground speed range.


Circuit Board Test and Repairs

Dr Nozzle has a fully equipped electronics workshop for the repair and service of electronic equipment and systems. Test equipment and engineering knowledge allows the diagnosis of faults and testing of systems found in most commercial applications - from spray controllers and air seeders to depth sounders.


Repairs to all types of printed circuit boards, from single-layer, through-hole mount to multi-layer surface mount boards. A large range of spare parts are also held for commercial systems.

Monitors / Displays / Controllers

Repair of unserviceable or damaged touch screens or lcd displays – colour or monochrome. Brands include Agleader, Arag, CaseIH, Farmscan, Hardi, Hemisphere Outback, John Deere, Kee, New Holland, Raven, TeeJet, Topcon, Trimble etc.


Products repaired and tested in recent months:


  • John Deere 2600 Monitor
  • John Deere 2630 Monitor
  • Farmscan 74V1 Spray Controller
  • Hardi HC8500 Monitor
  • Farmscan 7500 Air Seeder Controller
  • Hardi HC5500 Spray, Spray II & Spray III Controller
  • Hardi HC5500 Display
  • Hardi Jobcom Board
  • Farmscan 3500 Canlink Air Seeder Controller & Pod
  • Farmscan 3000 Canlink Air Seeder Controller & Pod
  • Trimble EZ-Guide 500 & 750 Monitors
  • Trimble EZ-Boom 2010 Spray Controller
  • Farmscan 24v1 Spray Controller
  • Topcon Eagle E15h Seeder Console
  • Arag Bravo 180S & 300S Spray Controller
  • Kee Spray Computer Mk 5
  • Topcon Eagle E15h Sprayer Console
  • New Holland Intelliview Display
  • Topcon X20 Monitor
  • Farmscan Primo 400 Spray Controller
  • New Holland Grapeharvester Electronic Control
  • Kee Seed Rate Controller
  • Farmscan Jackal Controller & Monitor
  • Hardi Pilot Spray Controller
  • Hardi HC2500 Spray Controller
  • Hardi Scanbox
  • Hardi DH Hydraulic Controller
  • Hardi Tronic 1800/2000 Spray Controller
  • Kee Simplicity Air Seeder Comp
  • Micro-Track MT3000 Spray Controller

Wire Looms

Dr Nozzle builds, tests and repairs wire looms for Air Seeders, Sprayers, Spreaders and more. Looms are tailor made for the specific machine it is to be fitted to. Competitive prices and short turnaround times.



Service Agent - Products

Dr Nozzle is an authorised service agent for FarmscanAG products and specialises in the repair and service of the following products:

  • FarmscanAG Air Seeder Controllers Variable Rate Control Canlink, Jackal and out-of-production Spray Controllers (Primo 400, 24V1, 2400 etc.).
  • Hardi HC9500, HC8500, HC5500, HC2500, HM1500, Pilot and Tronic Spray Monitor and Controllers
  • Cameras, Baler Controllers and Digital Weigh Scales

No problem is too big - even obsolete equipment, no longer supported by the original manufacturer may be repairable.